Transom mounted or thru-hull, this is an elegant, powerful, and innovatory approach to electric propulsion.

Battery power can be augmented by a generator

Turbines are a recent innovation in boat propulsion systems and are suitable for boats in the 30 to 50 feet range. They offer a wide range of power outputs from 6Kw going all the way up to 50Kw able to propel 20 tons.  The most significant advantage of turbines is their greater diameter gives them much improved low speed thrust for a given engine rating, meaning that they offer much better directional control than a propeller based solution.

Both solutions presented here also offer regeneration as a bonus. Under sail or stationery in a current (as on a river) they generate electricity to help charge your batteries.

Power consumption is modest making the units ideal as a secondary propulsion system, nonetheless they will need a small generator if they are to be installed as the primary propulsion system.

Transom Mounted Rim range

This is the most innovative of the two solutions that we offer and is unique in having the electric motor entirely built into the rim casing. There is nothing inside the boat at all. Mounted on the transom, the unit swivels up when necessary. It is currently available in 6 and 14 Kw versions.

Thru-hull Blue Spin

A more conventional system, Blue Spin offers a fully vertically retractable turbine connected through the hull to a vertical electric motor. The power range is from 15 to 50Kw making it suitable for a wide range of boats up to 60 feet in dual motor configurations.