Hybrid Controller/Inverters by 

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Hybrid controller/inverters provide a single intelligent unit that charges your batteries, and

automatically manages  your use of 12 , 48, or 110/220v current. Starts generator if needed and available.

Solar Controller

We have happily used an  Epever 30A solar controller  ourselves on our 12m sailing yacht and recommend them for a simple reliable on-board installation. However we have now upgraded to a MUST 12v 1Kw hybrid controller inverter because it manages the shore power as well as the solar and gives us constant 220v power throughout the boat as well

NEW!  Hybrid Solar Controller/Inverters

These new devices are at the root of the revolution now sweeping through the market. We use 2 x 5Kw 48v units on our winter floating home on the river Loire and a 1Kw 12v unit on our sailing yacht in summer


Hybrid controllers are dual purpose products. They are inexpensive and combine the functions of MPPT solar controller with that of 110/220v inverter.  They control the energy from the panels, shore power, and a genset (if available) to charge the batteries, but are also inverters that convert 12 or 48v DC power to 110/220v AC AND also determine how best to provide the power for your appliances automatically using grid power, or starting the generator if that is needed.

They are important components of solar installations greater than 500w, and critical in the context of larger systems and those charging boats with electrical propulsion systems