Boats with Outboard Engines


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Toue Cabane
Toue Cabane

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Small barge

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This section is ONLY for owners of boats with outboard engines.  We assume that they do not have a boat boiler installed and our kit therefore includes one. At 600w of panels and 300Ah of batteries, the minimum required solar panel installation is also greater because our domestic boilers have 1200w heating elements. 

These systems can be easily upgraded to provide both hot water and the power for a complete domestic electric installation, excluding heating.

The cost of solar panels has fallen steeply in recent years and is now an economic source of electricity, particularly for "off-grid" situations like house-boats and river craft.

Installation is easy and a flat roof is usually available, making the task within the competence of most handymen. A 300w panel measures 1.6 x 1m, so space is seldom a worry either. 

While we are happy to supply the solar panels, you are free to purchase what best suits your personal preference, but the minimum installed capacity is 600w and more is preferable.

EcoWatt 3Kw.jpg

Hybrid solar controllers are NEW. They are connected to both the panels and then to the batteries and the domestic electric system. They charge the batteries and provide 220v electricity to your boat's domestic installation. Consumption on a boat is modest and in most cases this 3Kw unit will be sufficient, but a 5Kw upgrade is available.

If you are connected to shore power and there is insufficient supply from the panels and the batteries it will draw from the grid.

The hybrid controller injects the current from solar panels into your domestic battery pack. To power a water heater with a 1200w heating element, you need at least 600w of solar panels. If you are also using the solar system to power domestic appliances, 1200w of solar panels is preferable.

During the day the solar panels will usually be producing enough not to discharge your batteries significantly, but after sundown you need sufficient capacity to handle the load for the boiler and other domestic appliances.

50 litre boiler
100A Lithium.jpg
De dietrich 65l.jpg

The hybrid controller is then connected to your boiler. The De Dietrich unit is of 50 litres capacity. With careful use, this is quite sufficient for up to 6 adults. 

A complete solar system

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Professionals Only