At LITHIUM ABOARD we believe that lithium batteries are the future and the future is to-day!

Lithium batteries are now the best way to store energy for all kinds of boats be they

  • a small inflatable tender,

  • a pleasure runabout,

  • a river/canal cruiser,

  • motor yacht, or

  • sailing yacht.  

Thanks to the motor industry, their price has now fallen to a level where as well as being lighter, they are now cheaper because they are tolerant of an 80% discharge level, as compared to the 20% maximum typical of lead/acid. 

Hybrid controller/inverters bring together in one cost effective package the functions of MPPT controller for solar panels, and a 110/220v inverter that charges your batteries, automatically decides where to source your electricity, starts a generator if available and needed, and also feeds your domestic system directly. 

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MUST hybrid controller

Solar hot water systems  are always possible on lithium powered boats, but for that use only, we continue to provide support for 12v lead/acid systems. Our solution is an intelligent controller to monitor the batteries and the hot water temperature and then to use the surplus energy from your solar system to heat water rather than discard it.

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Electric propulsion is now an excellent "green" choice for many types of boat. It is particularly suited to small inflatable tenders, small runabouts where range is not an issue, and above all for river and canal cruisers that have generous solar installations, and  plenty of lithium battery storage capacity. We offer five systems

  1. Outboards from 3 to 50 H.P.

  2. Conventional prop shaft systems

  3. Through-hull Sail drives

  4. Transom hung Z-drive solutions

  5. Retractable stern mounted or thru-hull turbines in 15 and 35 H.P. versions

Electric Power train.jpeg
EZ 6HP.jpeg