Electric Boat Propulsion

FIVE different electric propulsion systems for most boats - outboards, inboards, saildrives, prop shafts, turbines

Many boaters still think that electric propulsion is an impossible dream. No longer! The price of lithium batteries has fallen very sharply and new electric boat propulsion systems have appeared often drawing on the experience and manufacturing expertise of the motor industry. Both Renault/Nissan and BMW batteries and power plants can now be found afloat!

Sailing yachts will generally choose to install a small generator where the diesel engine was housed previously - there is plenty of space. The range needed is generally too great for pure electric propulsion. There is however plenty of space for a generous 48v lithium battery installation of 48Kw. Total system costs are only a little higher than for a marine diesel offering similar power. Running costs are nearly zero; it is maintenance free and life expectancy is greater. OUr turbine systems also offer regeneration - charging your batteries while under way from sail power.

River and canal craft generally cruise for shorter distances and have better access to mains electricity for recharging. They are also much less at risk should the unthinkable occur and they run out of energy. Despite that a small generator is a good safety precaution here too.

Our range of FIVE different electric propulsion systems is unique.

  1. Outboards from 3 to 50H.P.

  2. Conventional prop shaft systems

  3. Through-hull saildrives

  4. Transom hung Z-drive solutions

  5. Retractable stern mounted or thru-hull turbines in 15 and 35 H.P. versions