LifePo4 Batteries

We offer smaller batteries from                               and

own-brand large capacity batteries that are reliable and inexpensive thanks to the motor industry.

They should now be the first choice of ALL boat owners.

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Solar panels only produce electricity in daylight (direct sunshine is unnecessary), so you also need a means to store the electricity for use at other times. The capacity that you will need varies according to the length of the day, and therefore your location, plus your total consumption divided between "always on" and the maximum ever needed at a single moment. Current generated by your solar system in excess of that needed for "always on" appliances like the refrigerator is stored in your batteries for use later.

We are now committed to the use of lithium batteries. Prices have fallen fast, and for a given power consumption are now less expensive than any form of lead/acid because they tolerate a daily discharge rate of 80%. That compares with 20% for deep discharge AGM lead/acid batteries. That means you always need 4 times as much AGM as lithium.  The batteries are also much smaller and lighter - an important factor for some. Lithium's active life is also 2 or 3 times greater. Despite the higher initial cost, we think it is a no-brainer!

Although statistics do not support the belief that lithium ion batteries pose a serious fire risk, the fear is widespread among the entire boating community. We therefore offer both lithium specific fire extinguishers and blankets.

The electrical propulsion systems that we offer ONLY WORK with lithium batteries.